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Pa Sheehy

Lost in a '90s Arcade EP with Free Signed Postcard


Fecha de lanzamiento: Jun 9, 2023

Discos: 1

Pa Sheehy’s personal, musical and professional journey started at his home on the Dingle Peninsula, in the south-westernmost corner of Ireland, when he recalls an old red radio “always being on” in his childhood home, where listening in on a Friday night to the Top 30 was a constant fixture each week. When his older brother brought home Green Day’s Nimrod album, Pa was sprung into the world of punk rock, grunge & metal, a world he still likes to return to now and again.

In recent years Pa has fallen in love with a lot of female artists like The Staves, Phoebe Bridgers & Soccer Mommy.

In terms of how he wants his newer solo music to be represented, he says “I want to communicate the raw feeling that was on fire the day each song was written. To capture that on the record is really special but to bring that feeling on the road with you and to deliver it is where it’s at and for me, that’s where the magic is!”

1. Meet Me At The Record Store
2. These Days
3. Stutter
4. Guided
5. Calling